Most of these photos aren't my own but are tattoos that i have found and am in love with! <3<3


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Disney! 🎀

Sugar skulls 💀

Flowers 🌸🌸🌸

Anonymous asked: “I need help for a tattoo idea. I want it on my hip or waist/side and I want it to e about strength or loving myself bc I have a skin disease and it'd be for me”

Another person asked me about a tattoo for strength today also and i was saying a bear paw can represent strength. here a list of tatts that can mean stength

dearest-sweet-caroline asked: “Hey I want a tattoo but I have a couple of things I'm not sure about. My parents don't want me to get one and I wouldn't know what to get if I was allowed. For a while I wanted a dreamcatcher behind my ear but at the same time I don't want something clique like an infinity sign on my wrist. I love your blog btw”

To be honest you probably won’t want me saying this but, I would just hold out until your parent allow you because trying to hide it would be really hard to do! It will just cause arguments which will make you probably regret the tattoo because of the hassle its giving! Just wait until your 18 and then you can go CRAZY and get sleeve tattoos and face tattoos… hahaaaa no, never get a face tattoo… ever Lol  but hopefully your parent will be okay with it then! Thanks so much love you guy’s xx 

Bear paw! 🐻🐻

Bear paw! 🐻🐻