Most of these photos aren't my own but are tattoos that i have found and am in love with! <3<3
badkarma-goodvibes asked: “Wow, this blog is so inspirational! keep up xo”

Wow thanks! ❤️❤️

baby-hold-me-please asked: “Favorite tattoo that you either have or want”

Umm I really want to get a horse shoes because I love horses and ive my own but I’m not quite sure where to get it! :D

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Submit Your Tattoo Here:

Dreamcatchers! 🙌

Parents tattoos!! Love the finger prints shaped as a heart! ❤️👌

Anonymous asked: “Hi there! I wanted to get a tattoo in remembrance of my older brother, who passed away about 2 months ago. I wanted something that symbolized strength to move on, but yet, still shows that he will always be in my heart. Do you have any quotes/picture suggestions? Thank you!”

So sorry for your lost! I know a girl from around where I live and her and her family all went and got the a star on their arms which I thought was pretty cute! I found some really nice tattoos! I’ll post them above this! 😊😊

maybeistimetochange asked: “Loved your blog!! ❤️❤️ Im craaaazy about tattoos, and im definitely gonna get one, i just need courage and need to my parents to allow me hahahha. Do you have any ideas of what should i get, in honor to my parents or something like that? Thanksss”

Thanks so much! I too adore them! I was the same for mine but I think once you have it booked you be more excited than nervous! I’ll post a few picture of tattoos for parents! 😊😊