Cute girl tattoos

Most of these photos aren't my own but are tattoos that i have found and am in love with! <3<3

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Okay, so today I waiting for a phone call to see if I've gotten in to my college! Nervous!!! Pray for me guys! Pray! I'll need it 🙏

Anonymous asked: Hi, recently I've been obsessed with Greek Stuff and my mom said I can get a tattoo for my 15th birthday and I've decided that I wanted to get the Daedalus delta symbol on the back of my neck what do you think? Btw I love your blog💙

I searched Daedalus delta tattoos as I wasn’t sure what it was and I’m getting like a triangle symbol so I’m guessing that’s it! Yeah that would be cute! Is there a meaning behind it or you just like the symbol in general? I think if you really like it and have been looking it for quite a time defiantely go for it! If you get it make sure to send me a pic, id love to see it! xx

Anonymous asked: Why do you suggest getting on your first time?

I think when getting your first tattoo it’s better for it to be small and easily hidden! that way if you regret it, it will be more easily hide but that’s only my opinion lol I could suggest many small tattoos but again everyone’s different with what they like! Some people like hearts, some skulls, some quotes, the list goes on! There so many haha ❤️❤️

Anonymous asked: I was wondering if you could help me think of one really meaningful word that kind of represents pleasure or some sort contentment? Thanks, love your blog x

This is a hard one! Lol Contentment/ pleasure.. Seahorses are known to represent patience and contentment by the Greeks!

'A relatively calm, and mild-mannered creature, the seahorse is seemingly content to roam the seas. Their bodies are geared for ambling-type motion - not for speed. Thus, they are symbolic of patience and contentment - they are happy with being where they are, and are in no hurry for advancement.' -

Thanks so much, your so nice! ❤️ I hope this helped! If you’ve anymore questions feel free to ask! I’ll be happy to answer!


Little wrist tattoo of a diamond.